Multifamily Porch Tile Roof Cleaning Project for the Waterford Condominiums in Kirkland, Washington

multifamily roofing cleaning Seattle WA

Multifacet was pleased to be selected as the trusted roofing contractor to inspect and clean the tile roofs on the Waterford Condominiums in Kirkland, Washington. The property managers have chosen us as their trusted contractor for all maintenance and repairs on the condos. For this project, we first pressure washed the entire area of the tile roofs covering the porches of these buildings. Pressure washing is an essential part of maintaining a tile roof. Using the appropriate nozzle for the type of tile is very important. Concrete and clay tiles have small pores that can only be cleaned by a manual brushing or with the use of a pressure washer. 1,200 to 1,500 psi is adequate to remove dirt and stains without eroding the surface.

multifamily roofing cleaning Seattle WA

After pressure washing all dirt and built-up outside elements, we re-coat the seal and painted the tile roofing in order to protect the tiles from dirt and moss infestation. In addition to re-coating the tile roofs on these porches we also replaced the tiles which were cracked or completely broken in order to properly protect the integrity of the entire roofing system.

The property managers for the Waterford Condominiums in Kirkland, Washington were very pleased with our technicians' thoroughness, attention to detail, and professionalism on this project. We happily continue a valued multifamily roof maintenance partnership in the Pacific Northwest.





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