Energy Efficiency and Solar

Above is a Seattle, WA residential solar panel installation project we installed. We installed reflective coating over IB pvc roof system and then added a new Itek solar panel system. This home received 32 Item panels that will greatly improve the energy efficiency of the home. We are expert energy efficiency roofers with years of experience installing solar panels from the industry's top manufactures. As you can see above Itek Energy is one of the our most trusted solar panel manufactures producing high quality and reliable solar roofing products. 

itek Energy solar panels are highly efficient, mono crystalline modules are the most powerful modules made in Washington, reaching power outputs above 275 Watts. Designed to utilize more of the Northwest's defused light, standard racking systems and weighing only 43 lbs, they are the most economical to install. The solar panel's 2'' frame is designed specifically to allow for micro-inverter and DC Optimizer attachments, along with extra snow and wind loads. The silicon cells are some of the highest efficiency p-type cells on the market. The encapsulates are of the highest quality  in the industry and the ultra-clear, low iron solar glass is specifically designed and manufactured for light conditions common in the Pacific Northwest.

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