Coating & Painting 

Roof Coating 

We are certified roof and deck coating installers. Coating a roof can be a great choose for a homeowner or property manager with a flat or low slope roof that has ponding water issues. Applying waterproofing coating to a roof can extend the life of the existing roof up to 15 years without the hassle and excessive money spent of removing and replacing the whole roof. We choose GACO as owner trusted waterproof coating manufacture for their quality and high level of warranties. 

Exterior Painting 

Multifacet Group has been offering the most excellent exterior painting services in the area for years now. Our painters are highly trained and can be trusted to perform the best job. We also use the best quality painting products from manufactures Sherwin Williams and Miller Paint


Our Technicians at Work

Exterior Painting using a Titan sprayer and Sherwin Williams exterior paint from Edmond's customer.

Painting with Sherwin Williams products using a Titan sprayer. Edmonds WA

Posted by Multifacet Group on Tuesday, September 29, 2015