Residential Flat Single-Ply Membrane Residential Reroof in Auburn, Washington

We were pleased to be selected as the trusted residential roofing contractor by these Auburn homeowners. First, we inspected the existing flat roofing system on the home and found it was old, worn and failing to properly protect the home from the elements. We recommended a full residential reroof replacing the old, worn roof with a brand new PVC single-ply membrane flat roofing system.

Residential Flat Roofing Contractor Auburn Washington

Multifacet's expert technicians removed the old worn roofing and unlayment on this Auburn home. Once all the old roofing was gone, our expertly trained flat roofing technicians began installing brand new Titanium UDL Synthetic Roofing Underlayment to lay a secure and dependable foundation for the rest of the flat roofing system. High-quality underlayment is absolutely essential for properly installing a roof that will protect the home and homeowners from the elements for years to come.

Once the new underlayment was properly installed, Multifacet's technicians installed Green Guard Roofing Recovery Board as the second layer of the flat roofing system for the home. Green Guard is a dependable cover board for re-roofing with single-ply membranes. After the cover board was laid it was time to begin installing the PVC single-ply membrane roofing.

Multifacet's experienced roofing technicians are highly trained in both steep slow and flat roofing installation techniques. For these Auburn homeowners, we mechanically fastened the PVC single ply roofing down to guarentee years of excellent protection. 

With the new PVC single-ply membrane roof completely installed the new flat roof is complete for these Auburn, Washington homeowners. Their home will be properly protected from the elements for years to come. Multifacet happily adds another satisfied roofing customer in the Pacific Northwest!

Flat Residential Reroof in Auburn WASHINGTON

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