Residential Reroof in Seattle, Washington

Multifacet was happy to be chosen by the homeowners of the home below as their trusted residential roofing contractor. We first went out and assessed the condition of the existing roof on the Seattle home. We found that the asphalt shingle roof was greatly weather-worn and even leaking into the interior of the home in some spots. For this reason, we recommended a full reroof for the greatest protection of the home. 

Residential Reroof Contractor Seattle Washington

Our expert technicians began by removing all the old, worn roofing amterials and then replaced the underlayment before installing the brand new aspahlt shingle roof. As you can see the beautiful exterior of this West Seattle house is now matched with the brand new GAF Timberline HD asphalt shingle roofing system. The charcoal black color selected for the new roof greatly enhances the home's overall curb appeal. We happily add another satisfied Multifacet customer in the Pacific Northwest!

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Residential Asphalt Shingle Reroof in Kirkland, Washington

Here at Multifacet, we were pleased to be selected as the trusted roofing contractors by these Kirkland homeowners. We first assessed the condition of their existing roof and found that the existing shake roof was greatly weather-worn and failing to properly protect the home from the elements. For this reason, we recommended a full residential reroof with a brand new GAF Grand Sequoia asphalt shingle roof. Grand Sequoia® Shingles’ extra-large designed shingles with oversized tabs creates a realistic wood-shake look that adds visual impact at an incredibly affordable price and with great protection.

Above you will see our expert technicians removing the old, worn shake roof and failing underlayment and plywood.  Arguably the most important part of a residential roofing system is making sure a secure and reliable foundation is laid first for the roof. Our expert roofing technicians replaced all the plywood and then installed Titanium UDL synthetic underlayment to create the most secure foundation for the new asphalt shingle roof to be laid on top of. With years of roofing experience our team here at Multifacet has, we know all the correct steps in the roof installation process and for this reason time after time, our customers return to us with all their roofing and waterproofing needs and questions.

The color Mesa Brown was selected for the new Grand Sequoia asphalt shingle roof we installed for these Kirkland homeowners. As you can see the color of the new Grand Sequoia asphalt shingle roof greatly compliments the rest of the home's neutral exterior color palette. In addiiton to greatly enhancing the curb appeal of the home, the homeowners can rest easy knowing they are properly protected with a 30 year NDL warranty meaning if any part of the roof fails in that time frame it will be repaired. Multifacet happily adds another satified residential roofing customer in the Pacific Northwest.