Commercial Building Roof Inspection in Bellevue, Washington

Multifacet was proud to be chosen as the trusted roofing contractor for the Olive Crest office building in Bellevue, Washington.  Recently our crew of expert technicians went to the office building and performed a site inspection of the flat roofing system and the other components of the building. Below see photos of the roof covered in debris from Western Washington's harsh winter weather.

After our expert technicians inspected the flat roofing system, we reported back to the building owners the recommended maintenance for their roofing system. Roof maintenance for a commercial building of this size is absolutely essential for maintaining the safety and integrity of a flat roofing system. Keeping vents and ducting clean and clear of debris helps eliminate issues for the building before they even arise. Our expert technicians then went back out to the office building in Bellevue and cleaned the entire roof and performed the needed maintenance to ensure the safety of the building for years to come. We are so pleased to add another satisfied commercial roofing customer in the Pacific Northwest.

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