Multifamily Roof Inspection for Retirement Condominium Complex in Issaquah, Washington

Multifacet was pleased to be contacted to inspect the roofing systems on the units in an Issaquah Retirement Condominium Complex.

Multifamily Roof Inspection Issaquah, Washington

Our expert inspectors came out to this retirement condominium complex in Issaquah to assess the condition of the roofing systems. We found that most the units had a solid asphalt shingle roofing systems which were properly protecting the homes from the elements. Though we did find one unit which had issues involving the flashing on the roof and recommended that we repair the flashing to ensure the integrity of the whole roofing system. This is a common issue that occurs in roof maintenance. Roof flashing refers to sheet metal installed at any breaks, joints or edges on your roof to prevent leaks. Our expert technicians then began replacing the flashing with new aluminum metal.

Multifamily Condo Roof Inspection Issaquah, Washington

The property owners were very pleased with our thorough roof inspection services and maintentance and repair. They let us know when any other issues arise in the future on these condos, we will be the first company they call. Multifacet happily adds another satisfied Multifamily Roof Inspection customer in Issaquah, Washington.

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