Residential Flat Re-Roof in Bellevue, Washington

We were happy to be chosen as the trusted residential flat roofing contractor by these Bellevue homeowners. Our team of expert residential reroof professionals first removed the old, worn torch down roofing system on the home's roof.

We found the underlayment needed to be replaced as well. Having reliable underlayment is a vital foundation for waterproofing your home and protecting it from the elements. Our team installed brand new synthetic roofing underlayment on the entirety of the home's roof. This new underlayment properly seals the roof laying out the best foundation for these Bellevue homeowner's new single-ply membrane roof.

With the home's new underlayment in place on the roof, we then began the installation process of the new PVC single-ply membrane flat roofing system. Multifacet's expert installers laid the highest quality, most protective gray PVC single-ply membrane that will protect this Bellevue home from the elements for years to come. The new flat roofing system turned out great and Multifacet happily adds another satisfied residential reroof customer in the Pacific Northwest.

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