Design Build Project in Ocean Shores, Washington

Here at Multifacet, we pride ourselves on our excellent workmanship and extensive experience in the industry of construction. Over the years, we have had the privilege of being chosen to design and build many homes and buildings across the Pacific Northwest. Recently, an Ocean Shores property owner reached out to us to design and construct a custom yurt and cabin looking out over the coastline into the beautiful Pacific Ocean. We met with the Ocean Shores property owners and discussed design ideas and practical usability for the structures. The final design which was chosen was a small cedar shake cabin with a conjoining yurt. 

Our expert technicians began the full construction of the new shake cabin and yurt and before we knew it the structures were complete. What the yurt and cabin lack in square footage they make up for in unique-design and overall aesthetic appeal. The cabin and yurt both have an outstanding view of the Pacific Ocean which transports the occupants back in time when the Oregon/ Washington Coast was unexplored territory. Both the yurt and cabin were also specifically designed for wind and rain durability because of such close proximity to the coastline.  

These Ocean Shores property owners now happily have a secluded coastal forest getaway to enjoy the beauty of the natural Pacific Northwest from the comforts of their custom designed cabin and yurt. Multifacet happily adds another satisfied design-build customer in the Pacific Northwest!

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