Interior & Exterior Home Repair Contractor in Sammamish, Washington

We were pleased to be selected as the trusted contractor by these Sammamish homeowners. We first came out because the homeowners were interested in having gutter guards installed to prevent their gutters from filling with leaves and debris throughout the year. We came out and inspected the existing gutters. We took all the necessary measurements and returned to install brand new stainless steel gutter guards in the home.

Once the gutters were completed, we inspected the interior and exterior seals of the skylights in the home. The homeowners were concerned with the integrity of the seals after a harsh Pacific Northwest winter. Our expert technicians inspected the seals on skylights and found that they were still properly sealed and not at risk of leaking into the interior of the home. This gave the homeowners the peace of mind that they needed.

The homeowners were very pleased with our workmanship, professionalism, and punctuality of the installation of their home's new gutter guards as well as the time we spent explaining the condition of their home's skylights. Multifacet happily adds another satisfied customer in Sammamish, Washington.