About Multifacet Group

Multifacet Group works with industry leaders in property management and maintenance to find the most reliable and affordable solutions for your property needs. Specializing in building shell/envelope installation and performance, we offer services to the commercial and residential sector, our intention is to help you to preserve and extend the life of your investment. We believe in striving for excellence as leading member of our industry with the services that we provide through creating trusting relationships with our customers, and colleagues.

Multifacet Group LLC. began its operations in Washington in 2010 and it is the result of a combination of experts in the property industry with over 20 years of experience in each field. Since we started operations we have built strong relationships with local companies and clients and we continue to strive to be a reputable and distinguished company, through providing a high level of service based on its honesty, safety, values, responsibility, stewardship, and hard work.

We are a highly recommended roofing and general contractor located in Bellevue, WA serving the Greater Puget Sound community. From window installation and repair to flat roof installation on multi-family complexes we specialize and are experienced in a variety of home improvement services. We are progressive home improvement contractor with innovative services we offer such as solar panel technology installation that has the potential to benefit you financially as a homeowner and reduce your monthly power consumption.